Sautéed Chicken in Sage Browned Butter

Watch this Great Video on how to make Sautéed Chicken in Sage Browned Butter!


Sautéed chicken in sage browned butter is one of the simplest chicken breast recipes that is easy to try out at home. Thin cutlets cook in a flash to give you a tender and juicy taste.





Take 2 sheets of plastic wrap and place breast each half between


Pound to a thickness of ¼ inch


Sprinkle pepper and salt


Use medium-high heat to heat a large skillet then coat with cooking spray


Dredge the chicken in flour then sauté it for 4 minutes on a pan and remove it once it’s done


Add sage springs and butter to the pan and cook until brown then discard sage


Add thyme and shallots then cook for 30 seconds after which you will add lemon juice to cook for 30 seconds


You will have one of your sweetest chicken breast recipes once you are done.